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M.Tech. - TA Attendance Policy

  1. Timing for marking attendance : Any time between 8.00 am to 5.00 pm
  2. Biometric machine for attendance of M.Tech students has been placed in Academic Block, Ist floor, in front of A-Wing. Students need to punch in their attendance in the biometric machine on daily basis.
  3. 75% attendance will be compulsory for all.
  4. If the attendance falls below 75% in one month, then warning will be given. One month stipend will be deducted from 2nd and successive instances.
  5. In addition to above conditions, the recommendation of the Faculty (with whom you are assigned as TA) is also necessary for each individual month. A negative feedback will have same impact as attendance being less than 75%. For example, if your attendance is less in a month, and in another month the faculty complaints that you have not done TA duty satisfactorily, the complaint will be treated as 2nd instance of absence and stipend will be deducted.
  6. There may be some cases where a TA is not allotted to any Faculty (Generally in summer), 75% attendance is also necessary for such cases. However, the faculty recommendation may not be necessary in such cases.

Leave Rules

  1. Vacation leave - 15 days per semester during vacation and mid sem recess. Leave not availed during the semester,up to a maximum of 15 days may be carried over to the next semester.
  2. Casual leave of 4 days in a semester with permission.
  3. Medical leaves of 15 days in a semester with permission.
  4. Absence without approved leave will be unauthorized absence.
  5. When the total absence is more than 20 days in a semester, the student may be required to take semester leave.

How to Apply

  1. Fill all the mandatory (*) data. Ensure that all details are filled properly as this can't be changed after you click on apply.
  2. If you have been allotted any TA duty, please choose allotted TAship as "yes" and write the mail id of the course Instructor under Instructor's Email id * tab. After your application, a mail will be forwarded to the given mail id for his/her approval. So if you give a wrong mail id of Instructor, your application will not be approved. You will also receive a mail, if the leave is approved/rejected by the instructor.
  3. If you have not been allotted any TA duty, please choose allotted TAship as "no"; here you don't have to write the mail id of Instructor. The approval process will be same as above. However, here the admin-mtech will approve your leave after taking necessary approval from the concerned authority.
  4. For semester leave, medical leave, vacation leave you don't need to apply to any Instructor, as this will be approved by DOAA. So while you apply for these leaves, give the mail id as admin-mtech@iiitd.ac.in. After getting approval you can share the mail with the concerned Instructor with whom you have been allotted as TA. In case you have registered any course, you can aslo share the approval mail with the concerned Instructor.
  5. During Mid Semester recess, MTech students need to apply for vacation leave as the Mid recess is only applicable for BTech students.

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